Best Month for Weddings in Tennessee

What’s the best month to have your Nashville, Tennessee wedding?
There isn’t a definite answer for everybody. Factors like theme, guest accommodation, budget, etc. can be important in your decision making process. This article will answer more general questions such as: what’s the driest month? What’s the hottest month? What’s the least humid month? This information will assist you in narrowing down a time best suited for your Tennessee wedding day needs.
Okay. Let’s start with some general statistics!

The most popular wedding months in the US:

Since these figures represent the entire United States, they don’t truly represent weddings in the South. Looking at my wedding photography history, these are a bit more appropriate statistics…

The most popular wedding months in Nashville, TN:

Poor January. I’ve never photographed a wedding in January. We can see that Tennessee brides enjoy spring and fall over summer and winter. June and October are always very popular, but let’s look at the details, month by month.

*In an attempt to quantify poor or uncomfortable weather, we’ve created an algorithm that combines High Temperature, Rainfall, and Humidity for each month. This can be found in the monthly details labeled “Temperament.” The higher the number, the less savory the weather.


Many couples enjoy spring weddings due to warming temperatures, blooming flowers, and an overall feeling of fresh change. Temperatures are not too warm or too cold, giving brides options for having an outdoor wedding, indoor wedding, or combination with the reception.


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As Tennessee’s herald of warmer weather, March marks the beginning of life and renewed energy. Hosting an afternoon ceremony allows your guests to show off their new spring clothing, but bring umbrellas or have a plan B for your ceremony. March is a historically rainy month.


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Named after the Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, April is an ideal month to host a beautiful outdoor wedding with either an outdoor or an indoor reception. Temperatures are perfect for mid-day and on the cool side in the evening. A precaution must be made aware that April (and other spring months) can have random weather patterns, especially for Tennessee, such as storms arising with small amounts of time to prepare. We’d recommend having a “Plan B” at your venue in the event of rain.

Photo from an April bridal session at Carnton Plantation


The ultimate “spring is in the air!” month. Exceptionally accommodating temperatures and flowers in full-bloom; May is the go-to month for many couples.  Like the other spring months, May is susceptible to random and sudden weather changes. Combined with being the wettest month, May can be quite a gamble for couples hosting an outdoor wedding. Of all the months, we’d recommend having a Plan B location the most while planning your May wedding venues. Despite the weather, May is a favored wedding month. If you have your heart set on this month, be sure to plan accordingly by booking the vendors and venues you love early!


Sweet air and warm light rays of summer appeal to many couples. Summer remains to be the most desired wedding season with brides across the country hosting their wedding between late May and early September. The season’s popularity with weddings is rooted in it’s simplicity: warm temperatures tolerable for guests, foliage in its prime, and an overall positive, invigorating, and outgoing ambiance. Children are out of school, allowing guests with children flexibility for attending weddings. Additionally, the season is excellent for those who wish to party into the night. When the sun hides, temperatures are cool enough to extend your reception for guests wishing to socialize beyond when other seasons may otherwise call it quits.


Wedding ceremonies at the Loveless Barn

Named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage, June’s popularity as a wedding month dates to antiquity. In those times, the warming of the seasons signaled time to take your yearly bath, and what better time to get married than when you are in peak cleanliness for the year? However, times have changed and we generally smell pretty great daily. From the times of annual bathing to today, June has kept the position as the quintessential wedding month.

Photo from a June wedding at Loveless Barn


Have caution when booking July weddings. The heat index for this month is the highest of the year. The times that you schedule events and which venues you select will have a large impact on the comfort of your guests; however, months later your guests will remember your beautiful wedding rather than the temperature. Aside from the heat, July is a very exciting time of the year to get married. Early in the month, sparklers and fireworks can be a fun and patriotic way to make your exit at the end of the night. Sunset of around 8:00pm, like June, is the latest of the year. This allows you to take full advantage of light during your wedding day. Want a later ceremony? Not a problem!


July’s [less evil] identical twin. August’s temperatures also can easily touch the 100 degrees heat index, but slightly less than July. Opposite of winter months, we’d recommend having an indoor venue for ceremony and optional outdoor venue for reception. Though still very warm, the evenings are much more manageable than the day.

Photo from an august wedding at Graystone Quarry


Autumn in Nashville is our personal favorite season for photographing weddings. Couples-alike seem to favor fall, as we are typically booked heavier in and around October. Fall lends couples many options for their wedding. Leaves begin to change and temperature/humidity begin to drop; with the new climate calmness in place, brides can choose from a myriad of solutions for their ceremony and reception.


“Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine,” states the old marriage proverb. September seems to be one of the more underrated months of the year, as it is often overlooked because its position between summer’s sunshine and fall’s coolness and beautiful trees. Marking the end of summer’s heat, though still warm, September can be a wonderful wedding month for couples who are not aiming for a specific type of wedding environment. Hosting your wedding during this time will allow your wedding planning to be more agile in terms of venue locations and day-of time scheduling. I like to think of September as ‘May without the rain.’


October is the most popular wedding month in the south, and for good reason. Couples adore the cooling temperatures, low amounts of rainfall, and colorful autumn leaves that appear later in the month. But, it goes beyond that – October seems to have a very relaxed and comfortable mood ideal for brides planning weddings with vintage, earthy, or classy themes. Spring months’ characteristics are exciting and affirming, while October’s mood is confident and reaffirming.

Photo from an October wedding at Madison Creek Farms


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Nashville/Tennessee weddings in November are fantastic for indoor weddings with the option for photos outdoors. Brisk, yet manageable, day-time weather allows couples to work with their photographer for outdoor pictures in a comfortable setting of not-too-hot and not-too-cold. Keep in mind that daylight savings early in the month puts sunset around 4:40, so plan your ceremony before 4 so not to have your guests show up in the dark. Weddings from November to late Winter allow brides to focus on cozy venues and closer interactions with guests. November’s climate is similar to March’s, if you’re looking for a Spring-equivalent.


Winter months may be ignored for their crisp, cold air, but weddings in December, January, and February are excellent for classic wedding themes. Blues, silvers, white, and charcoals are design colors that favor the colder months with an elegant and posh atmosphere. Since winter ceremony and reception locations must be indoors, ideal venues could include ballroom halls, botanical gardens/green houses, hotels, or other indoor special events buildings. We recommend such places as The Hermitage Hotel for hosting both your wedding ceremony and your reception.


Tennessee weddings in December should certainly not be discounted due to the stigma of cold weather. During the day, heat index is quite comfortable and allows for guests to wear comfortable, stylish, layered clothing. However, we recommend having an indoor reception location, as it can potentially drop into freezing after the sun goes down. Additionally, December is one of the cloudiest months in Tennessee, allowing gorgeous light for your photographer to work with.


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The new year and your new life with your spouse coincide beautifully. January is a best kept secret of the months for couples who want vendors of their choosing since it is the least busy wedding month. As long as you are okay with avoiding the outdoors, January holds strong among brides who like the idea of having loved ones sharing the comfort of indoor venues. Warm fiery hearths, hot coco, and dramatic winter-themed lighting are unique ideas to separate your wedding from the usual ones. Weddings in the winter are quickly growing in popularity due to these unique designs and styles. Brides are realizing that the de facto spring wedding might be a thing of the past.

Photo from a January engagement session at Cool Springs House


St. Valentine’s favorite, February is known to be the month full of love. What better time is there to mesh winter styles, vibrant reds, and classy design concepts into your wedding decor? Though you may be limited to an indoor ceremony and reception, you might be able to step outdoors for a few winter photos.

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