Loveless Barn Wedding: Erica + Greg

We’re thrilled to feature Erica and Greg’s June wedding held at the barn of the famous Loveless Cafe. Photographs alone cannot express how beautiful this couple is both inside and out. Please enjoy a sampling of our favorites from their amazing wedding.

Erica and Greg's Wedding at the Loveless Barn

Bride getting ready at Fruition Salon

Bride with mother and bridesmaid finishing her hair at Fruition Salon

Lace wedding dress with straps

bridesmaids see bride before putting on dress

Mother and bridesmaids helping bride into dress

Bride with mom putting on her lacy wedding dress

Groom and bestman getting ready

Groom at Loveless Barn wedding

Loveless barn wedding groomsmen

Highkey bridesmaids portrait

Bridesmaids at a Loveless Barn wedding

Bride at the Loveless Barn

Pink and white bouquet

First look tap on shoulder

Groom turning to see bride for first look

Bride and groom's first look at Loveless Barn

Loveless Barn weddings

Bride and groom with their golden retriever dog on wedding day

Couple at Loveless Barn wedding

Erica and Greg's wedding at the Loveless Barn

Erica and Greg's wedding photography at the Loveless Barn

Doerman Photography at the Loveless Barn

Ladder arbor with flowers

Bridal party at Loveless

Wedding party in front of the Loveless Barn

Bridal party at the Loveless Barn for a wedding

Ceremony location at the Loveless Barn

Groom awaiting his Bride who is entering the weddubg ceremony

Wedding ceremonies at the Loveless Barn

Outdoor wedding ceremony kiss

Loveless Barn wedding exit

Family wedding portrait

Nashville Wedding Photography

Wedding reception at the Loveless Barn

Wedding centerpeice for running theme

Erica and Greg are avid runners and chose to label popular running routes in Nashville as their tables names.

Pink and white burlap centerpiece with candles at the Loveless Barn

Several wedding cakes

Wedding decor at the Loveless Barn

Guest list sign at a wedding

Bride and groom's first dance

Mother son and father daughter dance

Dancing at a wedding reception at the Loveless Barn

Events at a wedding reception. Dancing, cutting cake, bouquet toss, and toasts.

One Response to “Loveless Barn Wedding: Erica + Greg”

  1. Erica says:

    Awww, just discovered this on your site. You guys did THE BEST job!