Milky Way Farm Wedding: Rachel + Clint


“We were in Knoxville for the weekend visiting my family and my mom was having a photographer come out to the house for some family photos. All my siblings and their significant others with my parents trudged around the farm, wore coordinating outfits, and got lots of pictures taken. Finally we finishing up and all heading back to house when Clint stopped everyone and said, “I want to get one more picture of Rachel with her engagement ring on… if she’ll marry me.” I immediately started crying and he got down on one knee to officially ask the question all while a photographer was there snapping away photos. It was so perfect with all my family being there and being surprised… only my dad knew! It was so special!” – Rachel




“I found a gorgeous dress that I loved at a bridal boutique. It was the second one I tried on. It had tiers of lace at the hem and chiffon flowers hand sewn onto it and a long lace train that I was in love with! The dress had a very vintage feel and was unlike many I’d seen before which I loved… Then I took a huge risk and ordered a knock-off online, but I could not be more happy! It was just as beautiful and perfect and I wouldn’t go back and do it any other way.” – Rachel


“After going through several hairpieces and agonizing over whether I should wear a veil or not, I settled on a floral headband with lace ties which I think complimented my dress very well and made me feel like a woodland princess!


One of my good friends had gotten a vintage hankie embroidered for me with my new last initial and wedding date to use on my wedding day. She knew it was something I would cherish and it was so special to me!” – Rachel

bride bouquet

“I knew I wanted to have everything outside. And not just outside, but open-aired! Clint knew about the Milky Way Farm and suggested that I check out some of their wedding sites around their property. I drove down with my mom and just loved the Overlook for our ceremony with its gorgeous view! With it being a bit of a drive up the hill and away from the manor house on the property, it felt intimate and private, and that’s exactly the atmosphere I wanted for our ceremony. There was plenty of space outside of the Overlook area to set up the reception and bonfire, so I was sold! Without a tent, building, or covering of any kind, I prayed for weeks that the weather would turn out nice, and we were blessed with a gorgeous Spring day!” – Rachel


“My tie was definitely the most special thing I wore that day. Rachel had an exact pattern for my tie in her mind for months before the wedding, but after searching “the world over” couldn’t find it anywhere. She even looked for material to make me a tie, but couldn’t find the right one. Then, the week before the wedding she happened to be a department store at the mall and saw it. Exactly what she had been looking for! I got so many compliments on it at the wedding, I was thrilled, once again, to see her hard work pay off!” – Clint

groom-portrait clint-walker

“What I love most about Rachel is her support. I have never known a more ardent supporter and defender than Rachel. She’s the one person I know I can always count on to always, unfailingly be on my side when I need it. And on those occasions that I don’t just need support, but an objective opinion as well, she’s the first person I go to. She has the ability to view a situation in way that I never could, and I love and appreciate that so much about her.”





“I loved every moment from the entire day, but if I had to pick my favorite moment, it would be when Clint gave me a letter he had written to me. We had planned on writing letters to each other to exchange earlier in the day, but I got busy setting up and didn’t get a chance to write mine. I didn’t know Clint had taken the time to stop and write his letter to me, so I was very surprised when he pulled it out of his pocket. It was so special and sweet and is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life!” -Rachel




“Our wedding was VERY DIY! I did all the planning myself! I picked out and ordered flowers online, received and arranged them the day before the wedding, and put together my bridal bouquet with my mom on the morning of the wedding. I hand-stitched the “Bride” and “Groom” signs to hang on back of our chairs and all of the table numbers. I wrote out all the name tags that we hung on an old ladder for the reception seating arrangement. I designed and printed our wedding invitations, RSVP cards, menus, and programs. I made the seed packet favors. My mom made the directional wedding signs that we set up on the property for the drive up to the Overlook. We set up the string lights, tables, linens, bonfire, hay bales… we literally did everything since there was nothing up at the top of the mountain except for the stone wall at the Overlook! It was a lot of work and sometimes a lot of stress, but I loved doing my own wedding planning, and everyone was willing to help, so we got it all done! I loved everything about our special day and am so proud with how perfectly everything turned out!” – Rachel

Another special thing we did was have our wedding bands out on our guest book with table with a sign asking our loved ones to “bless” our rings and marriage. Andy was able to incorporate this into our ceremony and it made the whole thing more personal as everyone was included!



“Our wedding truly was a special and intimate┬áday. We wanted it to be small with only family and close friends. Clint’s brother-in-law, Andy, who is also one of his best and oldest friends is ordained, so we asked him to perform our ceremony. We had all been roommates together for a couple of years, so he knew Clint and I and our relationship pretty well. Having him perform our wedding was very special! We didn’t have a wedding party since we were having such a small wedding, but we did want to include Clint’s son Aaden. So after the parents and grandparents were seated, Aaden walked down the aisle to be our “bell-ringer” and announce the coming of the bride! He had a little bell to ring and he loved having an important role in the wedding!” – Rachel

bride and father walking down aisle


“I just couldn’t believe how beautiful and happy she looked, and how excited I was to be the man she was walking toward.” – Clint












“I can’t say that I had just one moment that was my favorite. For almost a year I watched Rachel plan and stress over and create every aspect of our wedding day. When the day finally arrived, there was no greater pleasure for me than watching all her effort come together flawlessly.” – Clint

















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